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Meet Our New UAB Medicine Nurse Managers

In order to get to know some of our new nurse managers, we asked them to choose from a list of profile questions and share a few details about their experience at UAB Medicine.


Cleveland Garnett, Hospitalist 4

What would you tell new patients to put them at ease?
Patients should know that we have a knowledgeable, professional team here to help them get through an illness. We are here to answer all their questions and make their stay comfortable.
What’s the most memorable thing you’ve seen someone do for a patient?
The staff facilitated a wedding in the hospital chapel for a critically ill patient.
What do you do on a typical day off?
Hanging out with my family. If it’s a weekend, we love taking road trips and exploring new parks and trails.
Do you have a shout-out for a fellow employee who is not recognized enough?
The entire HSP4 team. Especially to Brittany Knight and Janna Austin, my ANM. They have done a great job during a difficult time in keeping the department together and running well. Also, to Sasha for being a great preceptor.


Megan Shelton, Medical Critical Care Unit

Is there an achievement or contribution you are most proud of?
I am extremely proud of being awarded the Clinical Excellence in Nursing Award in 2019. It is an honor to be included in such a wonderful group of nurses.
What do you do on a typical day off?
On a typical off day, you can find me relaxing with family, serving at church, playing with my dogs, or crocheting baby blankets for my soon-to-be-here baby girl.
Finish this sentence: You’re so UAB if…
You’re so UAB if you know what a Breakfast Bowl from the cafeteria is.
Pet peeve?
My ultimate pet peeve is when someone makes loud noises while eating.
As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a nurse! I didn’t know that I wanted to be a nurse leader, but I am convinced that I’ve found my true calling.


Walden Schlundt, Acute Care for Elders (ACE) - UAB Hospital-Highlands

Favorite quote to live by:
James 1:23. “Consider it pure joy whenever you face trials of many kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.”
What inspires you?
Christian martyrs, veterans of various wars, certain athletes.
For someone seeking a career like yours, what would you tell them makes UAB Medicine special?
They will benefit from the continued learning and additional medical training that UAB offers.
How have you grown your career at UAB Medicine?
I began as an RN, worked temporarily as a PCT, then returned to work as an RN. After that I became a nurse manager, then worked as a nurse practitioner, and returned during the COVID pandemic, so now I am NM at the same unit where I’ve always worked.
What do you do on a typical day off?
I’m usually running or hiking with my wife and our dogs, but on rainy days reading or playing video games. Sometimes I’m working on various projects on our house.
How do you recharge to get ready for another work week?
Weightlifting and running.
Best medical television show?
“Scrubs” helped me get through nursing school; “House” got me through NP school.
Worst medical show?
“Grey’s Anatomy” has too many mistakes for it to be enjoyable.


Paul Malito, TeleICU

Favorite quote to live by:
Destiny is not the footprints you follow; it’s the path you choose when you reach a fork in the road.
What inspires you?
People. The good and the bad. I learn and grow from each encounter.
What is your biggest source of support?
My family.
How did you choose this career?
I am passionate about making sure everyone in our state has access to health care.
Our unit couldn’t function without…
The whole team.
Do you have a mentor?
Yes. Terri Scarborough.
Who do you admire most at work?
My team, because of the care, resilience, and compassion they show everyday.
What’s the biggest misconception about your role with the unit?
The idea that we [nurse managers] are Big Brother, there to spy on the nurses.
What would you tell new patients to put them at ease?
You are not in this alone.
What’s the most memorable thing you’ve seen someone do for a patient?
We had a patient who was worried that Santa would miss him because he was in the hospital. One of my nurses got her grandpa to dress like Santa and visit his room.
Last podcast you listened to:
“Fake Doctors, Real Friends”
Best medical television show:
Worst show:
“Grey’s Anatomy”
What did you want to be when you grew up?
A doctor.
Imagine you’re the new CEO. What do you do on your first day?
Meet as many of my team members as possible.


Shari Harrell, Neurology Stroke Surgical Step-Down

Favorite quote to live by?
“Assume good intentions.” That means we should actively listen with a goal of understanding without reading between the lines. Interactions are much more positive when we don’t jump to conclusions and interpretations, but we do give each other the benefit of the doubt.
What makes you proud to work at UAB Medicine or be a part of this team?
I love the sense of community and inclusion at UAB in general, and on NSSU in particular. There is a place for everyone here, and everyone makes a valuable contribution to the team.
How have you grown in your career at UAB Medicine?
I’ve been here 12 years and started as a bedside nurse on night shift.
Since then, I have been surrounded by people who have encouraged and challenged me to grow. It started with the Geriatric Scholar Program 11 years ago and has continued through two degrees, some certifications, and several different positions within UAB Medicine.
What is the most challenging part of your job?
Prioritizing my day is definitely the most challenging. As a new nurse manager I am working to find the balance between addressing immediate concerns and finding time to plan for the future needs and direction of the unit.
Most rewarding? Being a part of the team on NSSU—our teamwork is unmatched. I see it and feel it every day. So do the staff, the patients, and their families.
Finish this sentence: You are so UAB if…
You had a meltdown when Starbucks in the North Pavilion closed for remodeling.


Ryan Fleming, Cardiothoracic Surgery Unit

What would you tell new patients to put them at ease?
The core of UAB is excellence. This excellence extends to all departments and no matter where you go, you will see and feel the quality care provided here. Hospitals can be scary places, but you can have confidence knowing that you are not just in “good hands,” but that you are in excellent ones.
How do you recharge and get ready for another week of difficult work?
I love playing with my 2 year-old son and my wife. I enjoy reading and writing, and I love a good competitive board game.
What something about you that would surprise us or your coworkers?
Both of my parents worked at UAB at one point in time. My dad worked from 1990-1993 and my mom worked in High-Risk OB from 1989-1993.
As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
At one point, I wanted to be an actor. I did several musicals and school plays and later worked for a summer camp where I wrote and performed skits for each week.
I went to college thinking I wanted to be a dentist. I took a class called “chemistry” and changed career paths.
Quote to live by?
“What you someday will be, you are right now becoming.”


Gerick Marshall, Trauma Recovery Unit

How did you choose this particular career/unit?
It chose me. 23 years ago I was selected into the UAB Nurse Intern Program; I rotated through several units including SICU. Four months later a trauma unit was created and opened. I was asked if I wanted to go to the new Trauma unit. Not having a clue, I said ok. Then when this NM position opened, it felt right, because the trauma unit is where I started.
Do you have a mentor?
About a year ago, I was selected into a mentoring program sponsored by Deborah Grimes and the department of Diversity and Inclusion. Deborah decided to retire, and then I met Faye Williams while in this program. Faye has been mentoring, coaching, and sponsoring me ever since.
Favorite quote to live by?
Change is inevitable; but suffering is optional.
What makes you proud to work at UAB Medicine or be part of this team?
I would say the many opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. I have been afforded so many opportunities with education and professional career development. Part of this is due to the growth I have seen in the Nursing Leadership and their strategic plan and direction. From the CNO down, the nursing leadership is so personable and approachable. I feel really comfortable with the direction we are going. It makes me feel comfortable enough to take some calculated risks that I wouldn’t otherwise take.
As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be alive. I grew up in the Tom Brown Housing Projects where the percentage of the residents graduating from high school was below average and the percentage of college graduates was even lower. Now, we talk about residents from this population obtaining a Master’s or a Doctorate Degree, but this was almost unheard of then.
Thanks to UAB, I have three masters degrees and my goal is to complete a Doctorate Program before I retire. I have used these tools to support my career choices here at UAB. I think that my education and training at UAB has prepared me to work anywhere in the world as a nurse or nurse leader. But I choose to work at UAB Medicine because this is the organization to which I entrust my family’s and my own health care needs.


Horace Seldon, Intermediate Special Care Pulmonary

Favorite quote to live by?
Life is 10% things happening to you, but 90% your attitude, your responses, and your reaction to that 10%.
What inspires you?
The 6 South/SCU team I serve by being a nurse to the PCTs, USs, and other nurses.
Our unit couldn’t function without:
Each other.
Do you have a mentor?
Kim Stallworth, a previous nurse manager.
Who do you admire most at work?
Faye Williams, DNP, RN
Do you have a shout-out for a fellow employee who is not recognized enough?
Arina Riley, W8N Nurse Manager
As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A news anchor.