RSA SecureID Tokens

In an effort to protect UABHS information systems, UABHS employs RSA SecurID two-factor authentication tokens. The following resources are available for UABHS token customers.

Self-Service Console

The RSA Self-Service Console ( is used to activate and troubleshoot your token. The following guides present a walk-through of all available actions inside the self-service console. Note, you must successfully login and answer all security questions inside the self-service console to activate your token.

Procedure PDF
Token Activation
How to activate a newly assigned token.
Changing your PIN
How to change your existing token PIN.
Resetting a forgotten PIN
How to reset a forgotten PIN on your existing token.
Emergency code access
How to obtain an emergency token code.
Other related issues
How to verify your PIN and token are functioning correctly.


For all other RSA SecureID token questions, contact the HSIS Help Desk at (205) 934-8888.