Through UAB eMedicine, we share our expertise to help care for your patients via telehealth consults and remote monitoring for nephrology, stroke, critical care, and specialty care cases. We also assist providers in strengthening their own hospitals’ programs in these areas by implementing best practices in the care protocols. In addition, we offer educational sessions and specialist case reviews to enhance your ability to deliver care, especially for chronic conditions.

Why Invest in Tele-Health?

Better Communication

Time Savings

Increased Access

Cost Savings




By virtually connecting your hospital to UAB Medicine specialists, we help providers deliver better care to patients.




UAB Medicine shares its expertise through educational sessions and specialist/subspecialist case reviews.



MISSION: UAB eMedicine strives to achieve equitable access to care for all Alabamians. We collaborate with local health care providers to provide specialty and subspecialty services that otherwise would not be available in some areas.

HISTORY: UAB eMedicine was officially established in July 2016, when Bart Kelly was named executive director of eMedicine services. Shortly afterward, Eric Wallace, MD, and Ashley McGrane were added to the team as medical director and director of business operations, respectively. In collaboration with various departments at UAB Medicine, including clinical informatics, legal, and IT, the UAB eMedicine team successfully implemented the technological infrastructure to support a comprehensive, statewide telehealth network in May 2018.

The program has expanded quickly. Inpatient services – including stroke, critical care, and nephrology – have been implemented in hospitals throughout the state. UAB eMedicine has established a large outpatient telehealth network that encompasses more than 60 telehealth outpatient clinic locations throughout Alabama. The UAB eMedicine team will continue to work with local health care providers to achieve equitable access to care for all Alabamians.

UAB eMedicine Frequently Asked Questions

All UAB eMedicine services are designed to be a collaboration between UAB and local health care providers. The UAB eMedicine team meets with interested health care leaders to tailor the program to each individual medical facility’s needs. In addition to providing clinical services, UAB eMedicine can work with interested providers on grant opportunities for equipment purchases, nurse training and education, and other specific needs.

UAB eMedicine is a collaboration between UAB and remote telehealth sites. As such, we work with our partners on legal and compliance issues, training and buy-in of medical staff, and program implementation. Requirements for collaborating sites will be outlined during the contracting process and in discussions of program design and implementation.

The equipment required will be determined based on the services provided at the site. In general, inpatient services require a telemedicine cart equipped with a videoconferencing system and other technologies, while outpatient services are somewhat more flexible regarding the technology used to support telehealth visits. Equipment needs will be discussed during program design. If equipment expense is a barrier, UAB eMedicine may be able to help, thanks to various grants we’ve written with collaborating facilities to offset costs.

Reimbursement for telehealth services is rapidly expanding. Medicaid, Medicare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield all cover some telehealth services. UAB eMedicine and the collaborating facility will discuss reimbursement specifics during program design.