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Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery

Adjustable gastric band surgery is usually performed laparoscopically by inserting small, specialized instruments into the abdomen through small incisions. During the procedure, a small, inflatable silicone band is attached to the patient's upper stomach. This restricts passage of food into the rest of stomach and prevents a patient from eating large amounts of food quickly. By reducing the amount of food consumed, weight loss can be achieved. The band can be adjusted by inflating or deflating it with saline through a port placed below the skin during the surgery. Laparoscopic banding surgery patients usually are released from the hospital one to two days following surgery and can return to work as early as two weeks after surgery. Weight loss surgery is not a cosmetic procedure, and there is some degree of risk. Complications occur in approximately five percent of all bariatric surgeries. Patients are expected to follow a mandatory recovery diet and follow-up guidelines from the surgeon to help minimize the risk of complications and better the chances of weight loss. Those patients who diet, exercise, and follow the guidelines set by their surgeon tend to have the best results. Typically, gastric banding patients lose between 25-40 percent of excess weight and have about a 40% chance of keeping the weight off.