Sullivan Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Program

Patients with head and neck cancer often have questions about how their condition may affect their lives going forward. The UAB Medicine Pat and Jean Sullivan Comprehensive Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Clinic answers those questions by helping survivors navigate the complex issues they may face during and after treatment and help them find their “new normal”.

The clinic is named in honor of Pat Sullivan – legendary quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner, and celebrated football coach – who himself was treated for head and neck cancer at UAB, and Jean Sullivan – Coach Sullivan’s wife of 50 years, who provided him with unwavering support throughout his treatment and survivorship. The goal of the Sullivan Clinic is to support patients through their treatment, recovery, and survivorship, helping them stay as healthy as possible and prevent or catch any problems at an early stage, when they are more easily addressed.

Clinic patients receive:

  • Personalized care and guidance during and after treatment 
  • A survivorship care plan that includes:
    • Details of cancer treatment
    • Guidelines for ongoing care and monitoring
    • Recommendations for preventive care
    • Information on available resources and services
  • Referrals for managing other potential problems, as needed
  • Monitoring for long-term effects of treatment
  • Survivorship care that is delivered in collaboration with the primary treatment team


The Pat and Jean Sullivan Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Program uses a holistic (whole-body) approach to care and recovery. The program is led by experts in several different medical specialties with expertise in head and neck cancer care and survivorship issues, and they work closely with the patient’s entire treatment team.

A typical visit to the clinic will include:

  • A review of medical history and symptoms
  • A physical exam
  • Health education
  • A review of the survivorship care plan
  • Referrals to specialists, resources, and other services as needed

Survivorship care is provided by an experienced nurse practitioner. Ongoing follow-up visits to the clinic give patients an opportunity to discuss their cancer treatment, the impact on their health, and ways to stay as healthy as possible.






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