The Veinwave™ system is a revolutionary, FDA-approved technique used by vein specialists around the world to eliminate spider veins on the legs through thermocoagulation (heat). The process involves using an ultra-fine insulated needle on the surface of the spider vein to deliver just enough heat to cause the vessel walls to collapse, but because of the insulation, the extra heat is not transmitted into the skin (similar to sucking the air out of a drinking straw and then gluing the inside walls together). Unlike lasers and other light-based therapies that use photocoagulation (“light”) with variable penetration through the skin, Veinwave™ treatment usually is more precise and complete.

Fine, thread-like spider veins measuring less than 3mm in size (similar to a strand of hair and too small for sclerotherapy) respond best to Veinwave™ treatment. This also includes mattes of tiny spider veins incompletely treated with sclerotherapy or other light-based therapies. For larger spider veins, sclerotherapy is the preferred option. Some patients experience mild discomfort, but Veinwave™ treatment usually is very tolerable – especially compared to electrolysis, laser, or intense pulsed light treatments. It is not necessary to use an anesthetic for the procedure. In fact, it is better to avoid any local anesthetics to prevent vasodilation (relaxation) of blood vessels. At most, patients might require an over-the-counter pain medicine such as Tylenol.

Whether you are looking for treatment for spider and varicose veins or a more complex vein problem, the UAB Vein Clinic offers comprehensive evaluation, specialized treatment, and compassionate care for the health of your veins.

As central Alabama’s premier comprehensive vein center, the UAB Vein Clinic provides state-of-the-art cosmetic, minimally invasive, and surgical treatments, performed by vascular specialists and medical experts who are specially trained in vein disease.

Located at UAB Hospital-Highlands, the clinic provides outpatient care, while more intensive treatments and vascular surgery are performed at UAB Hospital. The UAB Vein Clinic is part of the larger UAB Vein Program. As the only one of its kind in the state, the UAB Vein Program was created to care for a wide range of venous problems.

When you choose UAB Medicine to care for your vein condition, you gain immediate access to physicians and surgeons who are leaders in the most complex vascular conditions and offer the latest treatment options.

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Spider Vein FAQ | Symptoms, Treatments, & More
Spider Vein FAQ | Symptoms, Treatments, & More
Frequently asked questions about spider veins.
Marc Passman | Spider Vein Q&A
Marc Passman | Spider Vein Q&A
A one on one with Dr. Marc Passman of the UAB Vein Clinic about spider veins and the various treatment options.

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