Perspective 2014

UAB Callahan Eye Hospital and Department of Ophthalmology are closely aligned and firmly committed to making a difference in the eye health of our community, the state, and the country. Watch these stories and see our impact.

See how UAB ophthalmologists worked together to save two-month-old Jalen Powell’s sight after being diagnosed with pediatric glaucoma.

After being hit in the eye with a bottle rocket, Dianne Peterson underwent sight-saving surgery at UAB.

UAB Callahan Eye Hospital helped save a young baseball player's career and, most importantly, his sight.

Jeff Henson was legally blind before he came to UAB Callahan Eye Hospital Clinic for advanced contact lens care.

UAB provides vision evaluations for children whose sight can’t be corrected with glasses or surgery.

Ophthalmologists at UAB are partnering with community-based optometrists to improve the detection and treatment of glaucoma.

UAB’s MD Learning Channel offers valuable educational opportunities that share the knowledge generated by UAB Ophthalmology.

Watch Christopher Girkin, MD, discuss pediatric glaucoma treatment outcomes with the innovative 360-degree trabeculotomy procedure.

See J. Crawford Downs, PhD, explain how UAB is uncovering clues to the development and progression of glaucoma.


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