State of Slim

State of Slim (SOS) started as a book written by Drs. James Hill and Holly Wyatt. It is based on years of research and clinicalexperience in the fields of body weight regulation, long-term weight loss and maintenance, nutrition, exercise science, psychology, and general wellness. It relies on research from the National Weight Control Registry, which documents over 10,000 people who successfully lost weight, as well as 20-plus years of clinical weight management experience. It also uses data that were collected to help understand why Colorado is the leanest state in the nation.

After the book was published, the principles in State of Slim were used to develop a transformational 16-week weight loss program. It is based on proven science and successful experiences, and the program includes interactive weekly processes to help participants follow the science, lose weight, and keep it off. State of Slim is about creating a new state of being, a new identity, and a better way of living and engaging life through the process of losing weight.

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As a major center for research, UAB Medicine is proud to offer the State of Slim program, which is based on research and experiences. It gives people what they WANT (weight loss) and what they NEED (holistic lifestyle transformation for the mind, body, and spirit). The result is a program that empowers people to change their weight and life in ways that bring them happiness and fulfillment.

SOS is not a clinic or medical management program. It is part of other weight management services offered by UAB Medicine. It focuses on providing behavioral and psychosocial support to help participants make and sustain the changes required to lose weight and keep it off over the long term. The 16-week program currently is not covered by health insurance plans. New groups will start every 4-6 weeks.




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