Sleep/Wake Disorders Center

UAB Medicine’s Sleep/Wake Disorders Center, conveniently located at UAB Hospital-Highlands, provides advanced testing, diagnosis, and treatment of sleep disorders in a relaxed, casual setting specially designed for your comfort and well-being. Our 10-bed facility features tranquil, comfortable rooms with a homelike atmosphere, each with a queen-sized Tempur-Pedic mattress.

Your evaluation usually begins with a visit to the Sleep Center, where your case is evaluated by our professional staff. At the end of your clinic visit, if it is determined that you need sleep testing, it will be scheduled at a later date that is convenient for you. Both daytime and overnight sleep studies are individualized to your needs, and the diagnostic process is easy and painless. Your results are then evaluated by our multidisciplinary team that includes professionals from Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Services, Heart & Vascular Services, Neurosciences, and Pulmonary Services. Testing for sleep disorders is covered by most insurance plans, and a referral isn’t needed unless required by your insurance provider.


UAB was an early leader in sleep medicine, receiving our first accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine in 1986. Today, the UAB Sleep/Wake Disorders Center’s board-certified physicians continue to lead their field, and they are active in clinical trials and research on topics such as the relationship of sleep disorders to obesity, new therapies for restless legs syndrome, and how obstructive sleep apnea is connected to some forms of high blood pressure. Our pioneering work led the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to present us with the coveted Sleep Academic Award. As a result, patients with difficult sleep problems are referred to UAB from throughout Alabama.

Our state-of-the-art facility at UAB Hospital-Highlands offers the convenience of easy access and free parking. A significant advantage of coming to UAB is that you will not have to wait several weeks to get test results after an overnight sleep study; instead, you receive the results of your sleep study, a diagnosis, a treatment plan, and any prescriptions the morning after your study. Generally, patients are ready to leave by 9 am following an overnight sleep study.

UAB has no financial ties to durable medical equipment (DME) companies who sell or service sleep products or CPAP/BiPAP devices. You are free to choose your own provider.






UAB is an active participant in research and clinical trials. We encourage you to speak to your physician about research and clinical trial options and browse the link below for more information.

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