Botox™ Lunch & Learn Series

Are you a patient of the UAB Voice Center receiving Botox™ for spasmodic dysphonia or tremor? Are you considering becoming a patient?

Join us for virtual seminars ask questions and learn more about Botox™ treatments.

Wednesday, May 18th with Dr. Hapner
Wednesday, July 6th with Dr. Boswell
Wednesday, Sept. 7th with Dr. Hapner
Wednesday, November 2nd with Dr. Boswell

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Meet Our Experts

Edie Hapner, PhD, CCC-SLP

Edie Hapner

Co-Director, UAB Voice Center
Director, Speech and Hearing Services

William Boswell, CCC-SLP

William Boswell

Speech Pathologist



UAB Voice Center


Disclaimer: Unless participants choose their own options to mute audio, or to remove video image or names on the screen, each individual who joins the Zoom session will be seen, known, and heard by all other participants. The meeting organizer cannot provide confidentiality for participants.