Obesity occurs when people have excessive body fat, caused by consuming more calories than the body uses. Obesity is weight gain that exceeds healthy standards considering height and age. The most useful measure of obesity is BMI, or body mass index.  Some symptoms of obesity can include fatigue, shortness of breath, joint pain, swelling, and muscle pain. Millions of Americans struggle with obesity and obesity-related diseases every day. 


Unlike with many weight management programs or “diets”, as a participant in UAB Weight Loss Medicine, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation by a physician, who will recommend an individualized weight loss plan tailored to your needs and preferences. The physician will manage your weight loss treatment with fellow team members and other UAB Medicine specialists, if needed. UAB Weight Loss Medicine physicians will work with you and your regular doctor, with the goal of optimizing your health and managing or preventing medical conditions related to obesity. UAB Medicine offers a full range of specialty services to meet your specific weight loss and health care needs, making use of the latest evidence-based treatments and programs.

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UAB is an active participant in research and clinical trials for the diagnosis and treatment of obesity. We encourage you to speak to your physician about research and clinical trial options and browse the link below for more information.

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