Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by a series of unprovoked seizures caused by an electrical malfunction in the brain. Brain cells communicate commands to the body by sending a pattern of electrical pulses or signals. Epilepsy disrupts that electrical activity, causing the body to react erratically, often producing abnormal muscle behaviors and sensations (seizures) and sometimes resulting in a loss of consciousness. Epilepsy can interfere with a person's ability to walk, drive, and perform other basic activities. The seizures can be controlled with medication, or surgery in extreme cases. Children diagnosed with epilepsy may outgrow it.




UAB Medicine is home to some of the nation’s finest epilepsy specialists, with expertise in all types of epilepsy. Our history of innovative patient diagnosis, treatment, and management of this condition has helped the UAB Epilepsy Center achieve a designation from the National Association of Epilepsy Centers as a Level IV Center, the highest designation available.

Epilepsy specialists at the UAB Epilepsy Center use advanced imaging technology to evaluate patients who may have epilepsy. UAB is the only center in Birmingham that offers such a comprehensive range of advanced technology, including magnetoencephalopathy (MEG)-based magnetic source imaging, high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), combined EEG and functional MRI, single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), and positron emission tomography (PET) scanning.

At UAB, the neurologists and neurosurgeons who treat you collaborate to develop a plan of care specific to your case. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that you are treated with the most modern and advanced tools to fight epilepsy.






UAB is an active participant in research and clinical trials for epilespy. We encourage you to speak to your physician about research and clinical trial options and browse the link below for more information.

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