One of the most common types of bone cancer in adults, chondrosarcoma is a malignant tumor made up of cartilage-producing cells. Cartilage is the connective tissue around bones, and the tissue from which bones develop. Chondrosarcoma is commonly a primary cancer, meaning it originates in the bone, rather than spreading from another organ. The disease most often affects adults beyond the age of 40, and though it can be difficult to diagnose, it tends to be discovered in an early stage. Tumors can develop anywhere in the body where cartilage is present, especially the leg, arm, pelvis, spine, and sometimes the ribs. Treatment usually consists of surgical removal of the tumor. Chemotherapy may be necessary if the cancer has spread.


The presence of a caring, experienced team of orthopaedic doctors makes all the difference for patients with cancer of the bones or soft tissue. Physicians at UAB Medicine Musculoskeletal Joint and Oncologic Surgery, part of UAB Orthopaedics, provide expert care using advanced technology for diagnosis, staging, and treatment. We work with our patients every step of the way to help them understand their diagnosis and treatment. We are actively involved in their medical decision-making and in ensuring that the best possible care is provided for their disease.

UAB Medicine is home to the only two fellowship-trained musculoskeletal cancer surgeons in the region. Because our medical center is the largest in the state, patients have access to recognized specialists in a wide range of disciplines. We are the only health care organization in the region to offer surgical treatment of extremity and pelvic tumors involving soft tissue and bone. UAB is also a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center. As a result, patients treated at UAB not only have access to a wide variety of oncology-related specialties, they also have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and work with teams involved in the latest and most promising cancer research.

Board-certified physicians in the Musculoskeletal Joint and Oncology Surgery Clinic have years of training in orthopaedic surgery and musculoskeletal oncology, and they are leaders in their field. Our doctors are included on the “Best Doctors in America” and “Top Doctors for Cancer” lists, and they are active members of several orthopaedic societies, including the Musculoskeletal Tumor Society, Connective Tissue Oncology Society, the American Academy of Cancer Researchers, and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery.








UAB is an active participant in research and clinical trials for chondrosarcoma. We encourage you to speak to your physician about research and clinical trial options and browse the link below for more information.

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