Refer Patients with UAB CTI App

Developed in house and launched in fall 2020, the UAB Medicine Transplant app gives referring physicians 24/7 access to the UAB Comprehensive Transplant Institute (CTI) team. It includes quick references to our selection criteria and secure access to patient records, plus contact information for all CTI doctors and surgeons. A built-in form allows physicians to easily start the referral process from their iOS or Android device.

The app was developed by UAB Health System Information Services (HSIS) and is freely available on the Apple and Google Play stores. UAB Medicine’s traditional referral system remains in place for physicians who prefer it.

“The app is designed to connect our physician colleagues with us in a timely fashion and allow them to complete the referral process with a touch of their phone,” says CTI Director Jayme Locke, MD, MPH. “It links all of us in a meaningful way and enhances the team approach to caring for these transplant patients. The more often and more easily providers are able to communicate, the better the care for the patient.”

Download now:

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