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Ambassador Volunteer Program and Courage Companions

UAB’s dedication to cancer treatment is unparalleled through our knowledgeable, caring medical staff providing cancer support during a difficult time. But we also work to provide our patients with the emotional support they need as well. Whether our patients need assistance navigating their initial day of treatment, or simply want an understanding ear and a shoulder to lean on, UAB provides the Ambassador Volunteer Program and Courage Companions.

Ambassador Volunteer Program
At UAB, we understand that navigating your first day of cancer treatment can be daunting. Going from one doctor’s office to another, finding clinics and learning your way around an unfamiliar environment can add to stress of that first day. But the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center aims to ease that stress with our Ambassador program.

Ambassadors serve as patient guides through their first day of cancer treatment. An ambassador will meet you at the front door, escort you from clinic to clinic and help you move through our innovative multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment. In addition, ambassadors are equipped to answer many questions you may have about the treatment process.

With UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Ambassadors guiding you through your first day, you can rest assured you’re being taken care of both in and out of the clinic.

Courage Companions
At UAB, we understand that cancer is an emotional journey as well as a physical journey. That’s why we offer Courage Companions to help our newly diagnosed patients deal with their experience and provide one-on-one emotional support.

Courage Companions have faced cancer and are volunteers with the Comprehensive Cancer Center. Since they have faced similar challenges, they can provide a unique perspective that friends and family often can not. In most cases, Courage Companions have experienced the same type of cancer, under the same situations, as the people they are helping.

The Courage Companions program offers phone and/or online support, and is a complimentary service of the Comprehensive Cancer Center. Volunteers are available to assist with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a cancer diagnosis. This confidential service has helped many UAB patients express their concerns and fears about coping with their disease.