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Dry eye is a common condition that affects millions of Americans. Symptoms of dry eye range from a mild “gritty” or “sandy” sensation to severe burning or even pain. Patients often experience fluctuations in vision that can compromise their ability to perform daily visual tasks such as reading and driving. Dry eye has also been shown to affect the quality of visual outcomes in cornea, cataract, and refractive surgical procedures and should be addressed before any type of vision correction procedure.

Callahan CEO Receives New LipiFlow Treatment for Dry Eye

As part of its commitment to providing the most advanced and innovative eye care, UAB Callahan Eye Hospital now offers LipiFlow, a treatment for dry eye that helps restore the production and quality of tears. An advanced, non-invasive diagnostic exam determines if a patient is a candidate for this fast, painless procedure. One such candidate is Callahan President and CEO Brian Spraberry, who recently underwent the new treatment.

Several years ago Spraberry began experiencing symptoms of dry eye, including fatigue from reading and the sensation that some gritty material was in his eyes.

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Dry Eye


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