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Not sure if this is the right place to start? We understand this is a large organization. We’ll do our best to direct you to the right group or individual. Take a look to see if anything below may be relevant to you. If not, feel free to go to the How to Get Started page.


Patient care or clinical service

Anything intended for patients or to support your clinical services is handled in our department.

UAB Medicine employee and leadership communication

Anything intended for employees (or subsets of employees) of UAB Hospital, UAB Medicine ambulatory clinics, HSF, physicians, Callahan Eye Hospital, etc.

Physicians and faculty

This is a little trickier. Most, but not all, SOM faculty are physicians. We work closely with the SOM Communications Office to identify the appropriate channels for your messaging and often coordinate messaging across entities. Feel free to start in either place, and we’ll take care of figuring it out.

This is the primary public website for patients/consumers/visitors of UAB Medicine. This consumer-focused site contains information on various conditions and diseases, select treatments and services, and why to choose UAB for your health care needs. It features stories about UAB Medicine patients, articles about clinical successes and research innovations, a section devoted to items of interest for medical professionals, and a directory of UAB Medicine providers. It also provides a “front door” to the myUAB Medicine Patient Portal, our eMedicine online diagnosis service and other helpful information like how to pay your bill, locations, awards and honors, etc.

Please note that the website is separate from, UAB News, UAB Reporter, and the UAB School of Medicine websites, although we do share some of our content with each of these sites and republish some of theirs, as well. We work closely with these teams so if you are unsure, feel free to start here and we’ll help direct you to the right place.

This intranet site is the primary way of communicating with UAB Medicine employees and is accessible from any UAB Medicine computer (or from private machines and devices using your Blazer ID login). ONE features messages from leadership, information and announcements about UAB Medicine programs, policies & procedures, discounts and benefits, and engaging content highlighting the great work we all do at UAB Medicine. We make every effort to shine the spotlight on staff in every area of the organization, from clinicians and administrators to technicians and support personnel.

Email Newsletters

We reach thousands of employees, consumers, and patients through periodic “e-newsletters,” including:

  • Knowledge Delivered – A monthly subscription-based consumer e-newsletter containing links to recent stories published on
  • ONE Employee eNews – A collection of select stories from that is sent every Wednesday to all UAB Medicine employees.
  • Key Updates (formerly Synopsis) – Targeted to UAB Medicine physicians, this monthly e-newsletter features a roundup of clinician-focused content from,, and other outlets.
  • The Pulse – a monthly collection of information and announcements aimed at the UAB Medicine nursing community
  • Hands-On Nursing – a monthly collection of information and announcements aimed at engaging and recruiting new nurses to UAB Medicine
  • National service line-specific email communications, usually to help build reputation

Social Media

We manage the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for UAB Medicine, as well as a Facebook accounts for UAB Nursing, Women and Infants, and others. These often feature patient profiles, service updates, news, and general interest items related to medical topics and healthier living, and we also promote articles that appeared on our website or intranet site. (Link to policy.) Independently creating a new Facebook or other social media page/account promoting your clinical services on behalf of UAB Medicine is not permitted. Contact us to discuss and we’ll work with you to figure out how best to move forward.

Marketing Campaigns

In addition to the channels listed above, we use a variety of other internal and external vehicles for communicating to employees and spreading the word about your services at UAB Medicine. These include TV, radio, print, billboards, email, and online advertising, as well as flyers, brochures, posters, and video screens throughout the UAB Medicine campus, screen saver messages, special events, and direct mail pieces. Large-scale campaigns using traditional media and newly designed creative are often developed with our outside creative agency and can be costly but also very effective.

Printed Materials

Flyers, posters, brochures, etc.                              

Promotional Items

Pens, T-shirts, keychains, badge holders, etc.                               

Digital Promotion & Advertising

Video, infographics


Also Worth Mentioning:

In addition to the services provided by UAB Medicine Marketing & Communications, you may find the following resources and websites helpful:

  • Monday Mailing: An "electronic bulletin board" e-newsletter published weekly by UAB Hospital, containing news, announcements, and other items of interest (Contact:
  • Connections: A weekly e-newsletter focused on UAB Medicine ambulatory clinics (Contact:
  • The main website for the University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • the website for the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine
  • UAB School of Medicine faculty profiles
  • HSIS website / Tech support
  • Patient portal
  • UAB Medicine Brand site: logos, templates (powerpoint, poster presentations, etc.) video and web guidelines, etc.
  • Order business cards, stationery and forms

Have an inspirational story you’d like to share?


We are always looking for stories that inspire employees to be their best, show patients just how incredible UAB Medicine is, and highlight the amazing work and successes we see every day. If you have an idea or suggestion, we’d love to hear it!

Note: Please be sure the people involved in the story are aware of and supportive of your idea. We may need signed releases from all people mentioned, especially if they are patients.


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