Beacon Recovery Program


UAB Beacon Recovery has moved to a new location! We are now located on the 3rd floor of the Tower at 530 Beacon Parkway West, Birmingham, AL 35209.

UAB Beacon Recovery is an outpatient substance abuse treatment program for adults and adolescents. Our treatment programs are certified by the Alabama Department of Mental Health. We serve individuals who are either uninsured or have Medicaid coverage. While many people are referred to us by various legal and medical entities, a professional referral is not necessary, and approximately 50% of the individuals we help are self-referred.


We collect a small monthly fee that covers all our services, and fees are based on a sliding fee scale determined by annual income and household size. Monthly fees range from $0 to $100. Individuals with Medicaid are not charged fees. We never turn anyone away for inability to pay, and we offer various community services to individuals who are unable to pay their monthly fees.

Intake Process

For questions about admissions to our program, please email or call 205-580-3278 to get started.

All individuals seeking admission must first complete a free phone evaluation with a counselor to determine which program is the best fit for their needs. This evaluation is sometimes called a “state assessment” or “ASAM” and is required for admission to any program in Alabama that is certified by the Department of Mental Health. The evaluation takes about 1-2 hours to complete. At the end of the evaluation, the counselor will discuss treatment options that are best suited for you. Sometimes we recommend treatments that we do not offer (such as residential treatment), and in those cases we are happy to forward the evaluation to other agencies throughout the state that offer those programs, if that is your preference.

After the initial evaluation, if you are admitted to one of our programs, you will work with your intake counselor to complete your plan of treatment, which will outline the various services we recommend. You then will be assigned to a primary counselor to begin therapy, and, depending on your needs, you may be given an appointment for further evaluation by one of our physicians.


UAB Beacon Recovery uses secure, government-compliant software that connects you to our counselors, physicians, case managers, and peers from the comfort of your home with the use of your smartphone or tablet. Most of our services (except for day treatment and some medical services) are offered via telehealth or in person. You decide how you receive your treatment!

Program Descriptions

Adult IOP: Our Intensive Outpatient Program, for men and women over the age of 18, is where most patients begin their recovery journey. Intensive outpatient requires a minimum of 9 hours of service per week, generally through a combination of group and individual therapy. We offer groups in the morning, afternoon, and evening to accommodate your busy schedule. As an IOP patient, you will have access to our Integrated Healthcare Clinic, including psychiatric evaluations, primary medical care, and medication-assisted treatment. We also encourage all IOP patients to participate in the Family Program, which is a once-a-week program in the evening to help you and your family learn about the disease of addiction so that they can become helpful partners in your recovery. Most individuals complete the IOP within 3-6 months.

Adult PRIME: Our PRIME program, which stands for Promoting Recovery through Individualized Motivational Enhancement, is a unique outpatient program designed for individuals who have busy work schedules and are not able to complete the Intensive Outpatient Program. Most PRIME patients complete one or two 50-minute individual sessions per week with an assigned counselor. PRIME patients also have access to the full range of medical and psychiatric services in our Integrated Healthcare Clinic, as well as access to our Family Program. Most PRIME patients compete treatment within 2-3 months.

Adult MISSION Day Treatment: Our day treatment program, called MISSION (Maintaining Independence and Sobriety through Systems Integration, Outreach, and Networking), is designed for individuals with substance abuse treatment needs who are also experiencing homelessness or unstable housing and also have mental health disorders. Our MISSION program is offered through partnership with Firehouse Shelter, and our services are offered 5 days per week from 9 am to 3 pm (lunch is provided). MISSION day treatment provides transportation assistance, and patients enrolled in this program also have access to the full range of medical and psychiatric services in our Integrated Healthcare Clinic. We help with the cost of prescription medications for individuals who cannot afford any medication that our physicians prescribe. All MISSION day treatment patients work with a case manager, who helps them obtain housing vouchers through a program called Shelter Plus Care, and about half of our patients move into independent living with the help of this program.

Special Services for Pregnant Women: UAB Beacon Recovery is a proud partner with CAPP (Comprehensive Addiction in Pregnancy Program), which provides substance abuse counseling, case management, peer support, and prenatal care all in one location at the OB Complications Clinic (OBCC) at UAB. A Beacon Recovery counselor will be part of your treatment team, in addition to professionals from other agencies, including UAB’s Family Wellness Program, medical and social work professionals at the OBCC, and more. This program is designed to help families remain intact and healthy and is uniquely designed to meet the special needs of pregnant and post-partum women. If you are interested in learning more about this program, we can connect you to a peer support specialist who can tell you about everything that is available within this program, all under one roof.

Adolescent Programs: Our adolescent programs are designed to support young persons who are between the ages of 13 and 18. Through partnerships with Birmingham City Schools and Jefferson County Schools, we provide individualized substance abuse counseling in schools during regular school hours. For adolescents who do not attend school in one of those systems, or for those who do but may need additional support, we also offer adolescent treatment services in the evening. Our adolescent treatment team can provide services either in person (at school or at our main location in the evening) or through the use of telehealth (using secure, government-compliant software that connects you to a counselor from the comfort of your home with the use of your smartphone or tablet).

Our Treatment Team

UAB Beacon Recovery is a caring, multidisciplinary team with extensive training in providing substance abuse treatment. Our team is made up of UAB physicians, nurse practitioners, case managers, counselors, and peers. While your primary helper will be your counselor, you also will have access to medical evaluations, psychiatric evaluations, prescription assistance, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), case management, transportation assistance (van service for day treatment and bus vouchers for all other programs), and family therapists.

Beacon Integrated Healthcare Clinic

Any patient enrolled in any Beacon Recovery program has access to the wide array of medical services offered in our Integrated Healthcare Clinic. This clinic is designed to supplement our psychosocial services (counseling and peer support) by offering primary care, medication-assisted treatment (Suboxone, Vivitrol, etc.), and psychiatric treatment, all in the same location. Your counselor can help connect you to any of these services if they are part of the treatment plan you choose. For any medications prescribed by our physicians, including medication-assisted treatment and psychiatric medications, we can help cover part or all of the costs while helping you gain employment, so that you can begin paying for medications yourself.

Our care team also partners with the UAB Division of Infectious Diseases to offer free, on-site screening for HIV and Hep-C, and we can help link you to free or low-cost treatment for these conditions.


Each person’s journey and path to recovery is unique. At Beacon Recovery, a counselor meets individually with each patient to discuss individual needs and recovery goals. A thorough diagnostic substance use assessment is completed to help identify the best level of care and ensure that the most appropriate treatment recommendation is made. Once the assessment is finished, the counselor will review treatment options with the patient and address any questions or concerns. Patients who need services beyond those offered by Beacon Recovery will be connected with or referred to the appropriate community resource/treatment provider.