About AMC21

AMC21 is UAB Medicine's strategic plan to become the Preferred Academic Medical Center of the 21st Century. What are distinguishing characteristics of a preferred medical center? It is where patients want to come for care; employees want to work; faculty want to practice and conduct research; students, residents, and fellows want to learn; and donors want to give to a better future. AMC21 has three strategic goals, positioning UAB Medicine to be preferred for:

  • delivering outstanding patient care;
  • developing advancements in scientific discovery and biomedical research; and
  • providing a strong foundation of education and training for professionals.

Our original AMC21 Strategic Plan launched in 2011. Strategic initiatives were developed across our four AMC21 “Pillars” — Quality, Satisfaction, Finance, and Advancement of Knowledge. These pillars were built on a foundation of Alignment & Integration to encourage collaboration, commu- nication, and organizational effectiveness, Innovation to har- vest new ideas, fresh approaches and scientific breakthroughs, and Reaching for Excellence to align goals, measure outcomes, and create a system of accountability.

Much has changed since 2011. We face new operational, financial, regulatory, and competitive challenges. Although we have made significant strides toward implementing our AMC21 initiatives, it is time to review our progress and chart our strategic path for the next five years. We have called this review our AMC21 Reload.

The Reload could not have come at a more opportune time. We’ve been able to incorporate the shifting landscape into our review, continuing the course where appropriate and adding new areas of focus and initiatives to meet the challenges ahead. In addition to our original pillars and foundations, we have now added three new foundational components to address these challenges and changes: Signature Programs, Population Health, and System Development. The Satisfaction pillar has also been renamed “Engagement” to reflect the scope of activity and the targeted audiences included within this pillar.

AMC21 Reload was facilitated and chaired by leaders across UAB Medicine. For each of our missions within each pillar, we defined “What does it mean to be Preferred?”  Defining preferred targets allows us to not only assess our progress, but also provide a roadmap to confirm, revise, or develop key initiatives and tactics to achieve the targets. Co-chairs of our new foundations were also asked to define foundational goals and objectives and identify the initiatives necessary to achieve them.

In some cases we identified the need to continue our original AMC21 efforts to improve and expand these initiatives (i.e. hardwiring evidence-based leadership tools and tactics, expanding access and clinic capacity, pursuing strategic partnerships and growth opportunities).

The AMC21 Strategic Plan document document outlines our preferred targets and initiatives for each Pillar and the goals and objectives for our Foundational components.