Addiction Recovery Family & Support Services


How do you know if you or your loved one needs help?
The best way to know if someone needs treatment is to have them participate in an assessment. During an assessment, a physician trained in addiction medicine will talk with your loved one about what drugs they are using and what problems they are experiencing as a result. Based on a set of criteria, the physician will determine if treatment is needed at this point, and at what level of care or intensity (i.e., residential or outpatient).

For many people, screening and assessments are the first steps in the process. The Addiction Recovery Program at UAB offers comprehensive assessments for drug or alcohol problems. Call (205) 975-7350 today to get started on the road to recovery.

Family Services
At UAB Addiction Recovery, we know that substance abuse reaches beyond the individual to family and friends. We understand that family and friends are significantly impacted. A family’s involvement often begins even before a patient is admitted. This continues during the therapeutic journey of treatment. With the family’s help we are able to personalize treatment, addressing the needs of the entire family. We believe that our clients’ potential for recovery is enhanced when the family and support system are involved throughout the therapeutic process.

UAB Addiction Recovery provides a variety of opportunities for family and friends to participate in this healing process. This includes a weekly family support group to provide guidance in this journey. It also provides opportunities for education, problem solving, and sharing with other family and friends. This also includes support through individual family therapy sessions. A two-day family program is offered monthly. Family members are given tools to understand the nature of addiction, improve communication, set boundaries that promote sober living, identify relapse warning signs, and discuss discharge plans. Our hope is to teach families how to become part of the solution.

The UAB Addiction Recovery Program provides unique support for families of young adults who enter our program. The young adult treatment component provides specific treatment planning and interventions for both families and their young adult.

After your family completes treatment, the family is eligible to continue participating in the family support group, known as Family Aftercare.

We invite you to participate in the hope of recovery.


Family Support Group meets Thursday evenings 5-6:30

Open to the public

Room 290

 Center for Psychiatric Medicine

(205) 975-8402 for more information