Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Employee Resource Groups

Selected applicants for the academies described above will participate in employee resource groups, or ERGs. ERGs work to raise awareness of the health care needs among our diverse patients by:

  • Providing community outreach and health information directly to diverse populations in our community.
  • Educating and training our employees to increase cultural competency.
  • Engaging our employees to “bring their whole selves” to work, which in turn allows them to offer the best possible care to our patients.

The employee resource groups at UAB Medicine include:

International Employee Resource Group

The goal of the International Employee Resource Group is to help foreign staff better understand the cultures of the United States and UAB by getting them involved. The group currently is focused on Chinese staff members, with a goal to expand to other international groups. It aims to share information among various departments, labs, and divisions while providing more collaboration opportunities. The group also seeks to build a communication bridge between foreign staff and UAB Medicine leadership teams.

Growth, Resources, & Outreach for Women (GROW) – The Women’s Employee Resource Group at UAB Medicine

GROW is committed to providing an employee resource group for female professionals that creates a safe venue for discussing and evaluating issues related to women in the workplace and implementing strategies to improve workplace satisfaction. It strives to help women grow and develop in their careers and personal lives by providing opportunities to become involved in activities that will strengthen them and others in the workplace. Its primary purpose is to implement leadership development through education, mentoring, and networking, so that women can take an even larger role in being positive, powerful change agents in the workplace. GROW meets monthly on the first Friday, between noon and 1 pm.

Young Professionals Affinity Group

The goal of the Young Professionals Affinity Group is to serve UAB Medicine’s young professionals, so that they see it as an organization where their purpose can be fulfilled and where they can happily remain for their entire career. The group is for professionals at any UAB entity who are looking for development opportunities and consider themselves to be early in their career or in their UAB career. There is no age limit for those interested in participating.

Retro Professional Employee Resource Group

The purpose of the Retro Professional Employee Resource Group is to provide a resource group for mature professionals who are part of the UAB Medicine workforce. As part of our Health System Diversity Program strategy, UAB Medicine is committed to enabling mature leaders to create a venue for discussing and implementing strategies to improve their workplace satisfaction. The Retro Professional group actively seeks to identify unique workplace needs among mature leaders and welcomes participation from all UAB Medicine departments.

Veteran, Active Military Friends and Family Resource Group

The Veteran, Active Military Friends and Family Resource Group provides support for UAB Medicine employees, faculty, patients, and loved ones. It is committed to supporting the specific needs of those affiliated with the military. The group offers assistance to both employees and patients related to health, education, and benefits resources; HR and employment resources; counseling resources; and social/community resources.

LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Advisory Group

UAB Medicine is committed to valuing diversity and inclusion through the equitable treatment of our patients, employees, and the community we serve. The LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Advisory Group was established to provide a forum for discussing and addressing issues related to the LGBTQ community and to offer meaningful solutions that are equitable and inclusive.

Disabilities Resource Group

The goal of the Disabilities Resource Group is to provide resources for employees with disabilities and employees who care for family or friends with disabilities. The group supports disability awareness activities that enhance the work environment and help employees with disabilities thrive. All interested employees are welcome.

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