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What services are available for international patients / Hearing Impaired?


What services are available for international patients?


Whether you have chosen a UAB physician yourself or have been referred, your visit will be coordinated by patient care specialists who are familiar with your specific diagnosis and needs. All your travel and medical care needs will be coordinated through a central office. You may electronically request services by emailing, or you may call 205-934-2096. We provide assistance to patients before, during, and after treatment. Our patient care specialists coordinate your medical appointments and provide personalized multilingual service during your visit, including translation of medical records. Patients are greeted at the airport and have access to a professional courteous patient representative through their visit.

  • Scheduling an Appointment
  • International Patient Services
  • Getting to Birmingham  
  • Airport Assistance
  • Critical Care Transport  
  • Hotels and Accommodations  


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