Planning Your Visit Q & A


Why do you ask for my email address?


Why do you ask for my email address?


You may be selected to receive a patient satisfaction survey. It will be easier for you to respond if we send the link to you via email. Please give the registration staff your email address upon check-in or before you leave the clinic today. Your input is very important to our improvement process.

We are excited to offer our new patient portal to allow you to view some of your medical records, including certain lab results, allergies, immunizations, and medication lists.  You will also be able to communicate securely with your health care providers via the portal.  During your stay, we will verify or obtain the email address you want to use to receive an email invitation with instructions on how to create your account. You can also complete an online request form for your invitation at Here, you will find more information about myUABMedicine and how it can help you manage your health and stay connected with your health care providers.




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