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VIDEO: More Exciting Technology at UAB Medicine

Leading the way in patient care, UAB Medicine offers patients clinical technology not available at most hospitals in the region.

Auditory Brain Stem Implants

This surgically implanted device stimulates hearing pathways in the brain stem. Helping patients when cochlear implants and hearing aids don’t work. For more information on ear and hearing disorders and what UAB can do to help, click here.


Radioguided Parathyroidectomy

High levels of parathyroid hormones may require surgery to remove the affected glands. With a gamma probe, surgeons can tell where exactly the infected glands are to more easily remove them. This means a more accurate surgery, smaller incisions, and very little scarring for patients. To learn more about this minimally invasive surgical intervention for hyperparathyroidism, click here.


Stroke Rehab Video Games

Rehabilitation for movement and speech after a stroke is very important. An ongoing clinical trial video game is helping patients reverse damage caused to the brain after a stroke. For more information on this clinical trial, click here.

For even more technology offered at UAB Medicine, click here.

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