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Our Top 6 Medically-Inspired Halloween Costumes

It's that spooky - or punny, rather - season again and UAB Medicine is back with an even "punnier" take on medically-inspired Halloween costumes that will literally tickle your funny bone. (Check out one of our other past Halloween costume lists here.)

1. Cardiac Arrest

This one is sure to get your heart pounding.


2. Medical Record

Vinyl is so old school. But your new, hip online medical records can be accessed here.


3.  Upper & Lower GI

The ultimate couple's costume...not for the weak of stomach.


4.  Heartburn

We recommend you really put your heart into this one. Real flames, however, are not recommended.


5.  Pink Eye


This one is... well, self-explanatory.


6.  Funny Bone


If the last five didn't get your goat, surely you'll find #6 a bit humerus. (See what we did there?)

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