Bariatric Surgery Patient Stories


Michael J. Loses 203 Pounds to Save His Life

Michael J - Before and After Bariatric Surgery

I have been a big guy all my life, but have always been able to lose weight. In 2005, I had to leave my life and career in Atlanta to care for my elderly father. From 2005 to 2007, my mental status worsened, and I gained about 150 pounds. Around November 2007, having no insurance, I was rushed to the emergency room with my kidney functioning at 10% and serious breathing problems. That night the doctor told my family I would be lucky to make it through the night.

The fight was on, knowing that I was the only one to care for my dad. Finding the right surgeon and getting my insurance to approve it was a process. Except for UAB, I have been totally alone during this process while still being a caretaker, but enough of the pity party. I had my surgery on September 30th, 2010, and by November 11th, 2011, I had lost about 203 pounds.

Which brings us to today, and I have maintained the 200 pound weight loss, which is the goal for the rest of my life.