Bariatric Surgery Patient Stories


Bariatric Surgery Helped LaShane Conquer Her Lifelong Weight Loss Battle


I can’t remember a time in my life that I wasn’t overweight. Throughout school I was always the largest in my class. I remember never being able to go to my friends’ houses on the spot and being able to wear their clothes. Sometimes I could wear their mom’s or dad’s clothes. In the fourth grade when my parents divorced, it seemed like my weight got even further out of control. Sixth grade is the first time I really remember being made fun of for my weight. I always tried to play it off, but to this day I still remember how it made me feel.

Between the sixth and seventh grade I lost about 30 pounds, but not long into the seventh grade I had already gained it back plus more. In 1997, during my junior year, I was diagnosed with diabetes and had to start on insulin and pills. Three years later in 2000, I was started on an insulin pump, and the weight started piling on.

In 2002, after having a stillbirth that was due to an illness I got during pregnancy and being a diabetic, I decided that I wanted to lose the weight for the first time, but I lacked the support of my family.

In 2006, I started having problems with my back and knees. I began receiving epidural shots for them in 2012 and gained even more weight. It was then I knew I had to do something for me. I do not want my daughter to follow in my shoes, and I want her to be proud to call me her mom. I decided that I was going to have Sleeve Gastrectomy, and that I didn’t need the people who were not going to support me through it. With prayers and hard work, I finally got everything completed and had my surgery in December 2012.  

At my heaviest I weighed around 320 pounds, but when I was released from the hospital I weighed 305. This is when my new life began. In just the first two weeks I had gone from an average of 125 units of insulin a day to 45 units a day, and I lost 22 pounds. At two months post-surgery, I had lost 41 pounds. Then at two and a half months my insulin pump malfunctioned and my sugar rose, and the level I could function at before surgery now put me in the hospital. My sugar levels had been so good since surgery that it threw my body in shock. I was also dehydrated from not drinking the proper amount of fluid after surgery. At three months, I had lost 53 pounds.

I started working out with someone who has been through the same problems I was facing, and she gave me so much support and encouragement that it made my journey that much easier.

At nine months and two weeks I finally hit my “100 pounds lost” mark, but the next week I hit an even bigger mark: “one-der” land (under 200). I have not been this small since the sixth grade. I am not finished yet, but believe me, I haven’t done this alone. I have had the support of my family, friends, co-workers, my daughter, but most importantly my Lord!  To Him be ALL the glory!