Bariatric Surgery Patient Stories


Bariatric Surgery Helped Felix Lose Weight and Fight Type 2 Diabetes



My story is like so many others. Food has been the center of my life since I was a kid. Everything that my family and I participated in seemed to revolve around food. Weddings, family gatherings, funerals, holidays all involved food in some fashion. I also used food as an emotional “crutch.” Food was always there for me. Over the years I have tried various diets and exercise routines. I would have success some of the time. At one point I lost 100 pounds! But, it all came back plus some extra.

As I grew older, my weight issue began to affect my health. First, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My joints and spine were very painful and made work difficult. Then finally, I tried to donate blood and they would not accept my donation because my blood pressure was too high. My doctor had to place me on medication for my hypertension. That was it; I had to do something. I was 45 years old, and my outlook was not good for the rest of my life. I work in a hospital and see the effects that diabetes and high blood pressure can do to a body over the years, and I was not going to let that happen to me!

I did a lot of research and decided that gastric bypass was my best option for long term success. After meeting with Dr. Stahl and the staff at UAB, I knew I was at the best institution for my procedure. Also, the support meetings and “networking” of fellow bariatric surgery patients are of great help and encouragement. I had my gastric bypass September 10, 2010. My pre-surgery weight was 303 pounds. It has been almost two years since my surgery, and now my weight is 162 pounds! I am off all medications and my activity level is excellent. I now take the stairs where in the past I would have taken the elevator. I keep up with my kids with no problems now. My spine and joints are much better. In short, my life has taken a 180 degree turn for the better.

My wish for you is to research your options and think about your future. If bariatric surgery is an option you wish to pursue, come to UAB and consult the bariatric team. It is the best decision I have made for my health!