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Meet the Addiction Recovery Team: Sarah Ager

Name: Sarah Ager

Department: Psychiatry

Title: Consult Liaison

Education: B.S. from Georgia Southern University and Master’s in Social Work from the University of Alabama

What led you to choose this career?

Through my social work training, I found myself to be passionate about serving in an advocate role. My position as a consult liaison for UAB acute medicine allows me to provide linkage to addiction treatment in the community for the primarily uninsured or hard to insure addicted patient.

What do you see as special or unique about UAB’s program?

Our program has a unique collaboration with the Collegiate Recovery Community for students on UAB campus. That collaboration allows our young adult population to have continuity of care to eventually transition out of treatment into college. Because our program is also housed within an academic medical hospital, we can provide education on the disease of addiction across the hospital and participate in innovative protocols concerning best practices when treating the intravenous drug user.

What do you wish more people understood about addiction recovery?

That recovery is possible. In the hospital setting, most people see the disease only in its active state. Recovery happens when individuals are stable enough to engage in recovery support systems in their communities and start the healing process.

What has been most rewarding about your experience at UAB?

To be a part of a team that is working towards changing the culture of addiction medicine hospital wide. The opioid crisis has exhausted addiction recovery treatment options for the uninsured or hard to insure patient who has an addictive disorder. The Addiction Recovery Team at UAB is working hard to bridge to gap to offer services to all.

Tell us a few personal details about yourself.

I’ve grown up in Birmingham but have lived in multiple cities. I am a huge Broadway fan and I love to travel. I love learning about floral design and new techniques. I love coconut cake.