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Meet the Addiction Recovery Team: Bronwyn McInturff

Name: Bronwyn McInturff

Department: Psychiatry

Title: Admissions Counselor

Education: B.S. from Birmingham Southern and Master’s in social work from UA


What led you to choose this career?

My mother is a therapist and my father is a professor, so working in mental health at an academic medical center seemed a perfect fit.  Working in addiction provides an opportunity for a lifetime of learning and to witness an amazing healing process.

What do you see as special or unique about UAB’s program?

Our breadth of service.  We treat addiction, but address psychiatric needs, trauma, and grief.  We have specialty services for young adults and healthcare professional.

What do you wish more people understood about addiction recovery?

Many folks do not know that we offer the best treatment for addiction in the state.  It’s not just a detox program. We treat the whole person.

What has been most rewarding about your experience at UAB?

I have been impressed with the hospitals response to the opiate crisis.  For so long addicts have been marginalized and treated as not really “sick.”  We have been supported by senior leadership in growing our service to meet the city’s need in treating the disease of addiction.  Our administrator, Beth Caine, has been a wonderful addition and propelled us to start the Addiction Scholar Program, which will impact the whole hospital.

Tell us a few personal details about yourself.

I live in Homewood with my husband, two girls, two cats, and two guinea pigs.  We love spending time together outdoors and our favorite spot to do that is at the beach.  I love cooking and sampling the local fare at some of our great restaurants around town.  I try to work out several times a week to stay healthy and keep up with work and the kids.