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Meet the Addiction Recovery Team: Dr. Cayce Paddock

Name: Cayce Paddock

Department: Psychiatry         

Title: Assistant Professor; Division Director of Addiction Psychiatry

Education: MD from Medical College of Georgia; Psychiatry residency at UAB


What led you to choose this career?

When I worked in our Addiction Recovery Program during my training, I realized how invested the ARP team is in their work. ARP uses a team approach that provides excellent treatment for patients with addiction. My role here also affords me the opportunity to educate other healthcare providers about addiction so we can continue to provide excellent care for patients across all disciplines of medicine.

What do you see as special or unique about UAB’s program?

I love the collaborative care we provide. Each team member has different strengths, so we work together to provide the most effective, individualized care for patients and their families. Treatment planning for each patient involves input from all members of our team.

What do you wish more people understood about addiction recovery?

I wish people understood how incredibly remarkable our patients are. There is a lot of stigma attached to addiction, and at times it seems like our patients and their disease are marginalized. Once people work through treatment and transition into recovery, they develop into some of the most psychologically healthy, grateful, and insightful people I have the pleasure of knowing.

What has been most rewarding about your experience at UAB?

ARP is an excellent place to get well and it feels good to be a part of that healing for our patients.

Tell us a few personal details about yourself.

I am originally from Georgia and attended a small, liberal arts women’s college, Hollins University, in Virginia. I have two sets of twins who keep me quite busy when I’m not at work. I enjoy traveling and have a Disney World trip on our calendar about once a year.