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COVID-19 Testing

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If you are having symptoms of COVID-19

Patients or other community members experiencing COVID-19 symptoms can call 205-975-1881 for screening. If they meet the screening criteria, they will be provided an appointment time at the drive-through testing site. An appointment is required to be tested. Click here to learn more about the testing process and directions to the drive-through test site.

Negative Test Results

  • If your test is negative for COVID-19, a letter stating that result will be delivered within 24 hours to your myUABMedicine Patient Portal account.
  • If you do not already have a portal account, you may sign up at
  • You can provide this letter to your employer if a negative test result is required prior to returning to work.

Positive Test Results

  • If you test positive for COVID-19, a member of our team will contact you by phone.
  • You must quarantine for 10 days after the start of your COVID-19 symptoms. People with compromised immune systems must quarantine for 20 days.
  • If you cannot pinpoint the day your symptoms started, TEST DAY will be day one of your 10-day or 20-day quarantine.
  • Small amounts of the virus can show up in your test results for weeks, even though you are no longer infectious. Therefore, DO NOT GET RETESTED.
  • You do not need to get retested to return to work, as the infectious virus is no longer present after your quarantine.

Returning to Work or School After Testing Positive

  • After quarantining, you may safely return to work or school, provided that your symptoms are improved and you have been without fever for three days.
  • If needed, please refer employers to this page or to for confirmation that retesting or proof of a negative test is not required to return to work after quarantine, provided that your symptoms are improved and you have been without fever for three days.

Pre-Travel Testing for COVID-19

UAB Medicine Urgent Care offers COVID-19 testing for anyone age 18 and up who needs to be tested before traveling. You cannot be tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms. The cost is $125 (not covered by insurance), and no appointment is needed. Simply stop by UAB Urgent Care during operating hours to be tested. The clinic is located in downtown Birmingham at 125 20th Street South, Suite 103, and it is open Monday-Friday 7 am-7 pm, Saturday 8 am-3 pm, and Sunday 1 pm-5 pm.

The COVID-19 test we use is a PCR/NAAT molecular lab test, which is the most commonly required type. However, you should check with your travel destination about which test type is required.

Additional COVID-19 Testing Information

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