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Healthy Gifts for Everyone on Your List

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift for your loved ones while keeping their health in mind. That’s why we’ve compiled a gift guide for interests across the spectrum to help everyone on your list have a healthy mind, body, and life.

For the outdoorsy type...

  • For the runner/walker/jogger who loves their tunes and can’t stand to stay indoors (even when temperatures plummet), try Headband Headphones by AcousticSheep.
  • Who doesn’t love new socks? SmartWool Hiking Socks keep feet warm and dry during those winter expeditions. You can choose styles for both men and women.
  • Those who love spending time outside would probably love it even more with a snack and a cold beverage. Give your nature lovers the IceMule Pro Cooler, and they can take their chilled goodies to the beach, on the trail, or wherever else life takes them!

For the tech geek...

  • Part of wellness is protecting the home, and the Smart Firewall from CUJO helps take care of that. It builds a digital barrier around all devices connected to it on a home network so that users can have peace of mind.
  • These days we have a million things to keep track of… our keys, wallets, phones, and more! Trackers from Tile will help keep your life in order so you can focus brain power on more important tasks.
  • One of the newest trends in routine sleep care is light therapy alarm clocks, or sunrise clocks. These clocks take some of the stress out of waking up by gradually increasing the emitted light 20-40 minutes before your scheduled wake-up time. The Phillips Wake-up Light is one of the best on the market.

For the millennial...

  • College kids these days—they do everything online (including listening to music)! Help them out with a subscription to Spotify Premium so they can spend their money on groceries and eat more than just Ramen noodles next semester.
  • It can be a mental drag trying to find ways to charge all the electric devices millennials use every day. Try this thingCHARGER Universal Charging Outlet to take care of everything at once and get them charged up and ready to go.
  • For those in your life who live in colder climates, wearing gloves outside during commuting is a must, but so is staying connected with their smartphones! That’s why you can get them AnyGlove, a liquid solution that, when applied to the fingertips of their favorite gloves, will make them touchscreen compatible.

For the foodie...

  • We know that frequently eating out is a habit that can hinder our ability to stay at a healthy weight or hurt our weight loss progress, so the Sous Vide Immersion Circulator makes cooking at home both easy and delicious.
  • Speaking of delicious, why not do a little exploration and travel the world right from your own kitchen? This year’s Trader Joe’s 7 Salts of the Earth pack is just the thing to spice up holiday cooking.
  • Know someone who’s been talking a lot about probiotics and gut health this year? Get them a Kombucha Brewing Kit, and they can brew their own ‘buch at home!

Disclaimer: We haven’t had a chance to personally try every one of these interesting gifts or options ourselves so we can’t vouch for their safety, availability, or quality of service. We’d like to though so feel free to send some of these things our way.



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