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Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month: Staff Spotlights

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From left to right: Theresa Miles, Paige Gray, and Beverly Martin


Beverly Martin, RN, BSN

Clinical Care Coordinator, UAB Gyn-Oncology

What makes my job meaningful?

I find meaning and fulfillment in that I am able to help patients both physically and emotionally. When I can help a woman and her family deal with both of these aspects of her cancer, I feel I have made a positive difference in their lives. I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve these brave women as they battle cancer. These women are an inspiration to me. Every day is different, and there are challenges, but encouraging patients and helping improve their quality of life is so rewarding to me. Seeing patients smile is a great reward!

Why should you choose UAB for your cancer care?

UAB is the place to be for cancer care. We have leaders in cancer care and research, and we provide the best cancer care available. Cancer treatment is individualized to each patient’s specific needs, and support staff is here to help with resources and other patient needs.

Describe the role of the clinical care coordinator and the value to patients and their families.

Clinical care coordinators are with the patient throughout their cancer journey. In our setting, coordinators contact patients prior to their first visit and begin a relationship before the patient even arrives. This helps establish a relationship of trust and open communication. We provide patients with information about their disease, treatment options, clinical trial opportunities, support groups, and other resources available to them. We have a network of experts to assist patients in financial counseling, supportive care, nutritional counseling, and other areas that may be beneficial. We know that patients are overwhelmed with this new diagnosis, and we, as coordinators, work to help decrease their anxiety and that of their families. We encourage patients to contact us with questions, concerns, and make ourselves available to them. Everyone receives individual care, as we know that cancer treatment is not “one size fits all”, and we strive to be comprehensive in treating mind, body, and spirit.

Patients and their families are very appreciative to receive the one-on-one attention that working with a clinical care coordinator provides. We can be their advocate and “go-to “ person that they contact as needs arise. This helps decrease some of the stress and helps them have a better quality life while on their cancer journey.


Paige Gray, RN

Charge Nurse, WIC Infusion Clinic

What makes my job meaningful?

I could write a novel about what makes my job meaningful! The reason I get so much fulfillment from working in the Gyn-Onc Infusion Clinic is that I get to lighten a very heavy and dark time that can come from receiving a cancer diagnosis and beginning treatment. Most of my new chemo patients are very anxious about coming to see me for the first time, and my goal is to create a bright and encouraging atmosphere while answering questions and preparing my ladies on what to expect throughout their infusions and the weeks and months ahead.

Why should you choose UAB for your cancer care?
I would recommend receiving treatment at UAB because of the resources that come along with being such a comprehensive hospital. I love that we are able to provide care and support for our patients that extends from social services to dietary counseling – all from one staff, in clinic, and by trained (and awesome) ladies. I feel honored to be a part of such a dedicated team!


Theresa Miles

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, UAB Gyn-Oncology

What makes your work meaningful?

I give free medicine. That medicine is my smile. Knowing that someone cares means a lot to everyone. I see patients and family members who are scared. They need to know that we are here for them and that we want to be here for them.

Why should you choose UAB?

Here at UAB, we care about everyone’s mind, body, and spirit. We want a cure for it all.


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