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Which Flu Character Are You?

When it comes to getting a flu shot, there are all different types of people. Your perspective on the influenza vaccination can have a great impact on your health and those around you. Below are some common characters you might come across. Which one are you?

Mandatory Mandy
Mandatory Mandy: Even though the flu shot is mandatory at work, Mandatory Mandy cares enough about her coworkers and work environment that she would get the flu shot even if it wasn’t required.

Last Minute Lisa
Last-Minute Lisa: With a motto like “Better late than never,” doing things at the last minute doesn’t always work out for Lisa, especially when it comes to the flu. Getting the shot too far into flu season puts you and others at risk.

Healthy Henry
Healthy Henry: He may juice cleanse, exercise, and sanitize every day, but that won’t keep the flu away for Healthy Henry. Don’t be like Henry and mistakenly believe that the flu can’t touch you. Get your flu shot ASAP.

Non-Believer Nicholas
Non-Believer Nicholas: You know the old saying: “Don’t believe everything you hear”? Well, Non-Believer Nicholas puts himself at greater risk for the flu this season by believing popular myths such as, “The flu shot is a waste of time”, “It is not effective,” and “I’ve never gotten the flu before, so I won’t get it now.” Get the shot, not the flu.
Rachel Rule Follower
Rachel Rule-Follower: We all know that some rules are made for breaking, but when it comes to the flu shot, Rachel's got it right. Be like Rachel.

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