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Donor Profile – Bob Perry

Bob Perry, 77, remembers the first time he could see again after glaucoma surgery. He was able to see the face of his ophthalmologist, Christopher Girkin, MD, and nearly wept. He describes the experience as an emotional one, and he wanted to make sure that he contributed to the future of glaucoma care for other patients – across Alabama and around the world – who are still struggling with the disease.

“Glaucoma is a disease that is treatable, but not curable,” Perry says. “It lingers over time and progressively gets worse, so it needs to be caught at an early stage. This is why I give to the UAB Department of Ophthalmology. I know that the money I give goes to research, and this is where advancements are made that will help future generations of glaucoma sufferers.”

Both of Perry’s parents were blind when they died and had struggled with glaucoma for years. Perry has been treated for glaucoma since he was in his 30s, and today, at the age of 77, he knows that philanthropic support will make a significant difference in the vision care of tomorrow.

“My experience at UAB Callahan Eye Hospital was one of a kind,” Perry says. “I was surrounded by caring nurses, knowledgeable physicians, and a dedicated staff who were incredibly helpful. They always responded to my needs, and I couldn’t ask for better ophthalmologic care.”

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