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Charity Care


Does UAB Offer Charity Care Assistance?


You may qualify for charity assistance, which is based on household size and household income. If you do not have insurance or any other third-party payment source, other assistance may be available.


UAB Hospital's Charity Care Program is for patients who are uninsured or under insured. Patients must be approved for UAB Hospital's Charity Care Program prior to receiving an appointment at The Kirklin Clinic of UAB Hospital or Affiliated Clinics.

Patients may receive an application bedside, via telephone contact by calling 205.801.9910 or toll free at 877.277.4923 and picking either option 4 or option 5, physician request, or by e-mail at

Charity Care Applications must be completed in total, signed and dated. A listing of required documentation is provided with the application. Upon receipt of all information the application is reviewed based upon financial, medical (ability to work) and household size. A determination is made as to 100% approval, partial approval or denial based on excessive income or not submitting required supporting documentation. Patients will also be denied if they do not comply with the Medicaid/disability application process.

A letter of notification is sent to the patient upon determination of their case. Cards are no longer issued. Patients will receive their approved discount amount in the letter and for The Kirklin Clinic it also identifies their co-payment amount.

  Download the Charity Care Application