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Before You Cook Up That Big Catch, Here’s What You Need to Know

Fish and Water Safety

With Alabama’s abundance of lakes and easy access to the Gulf Coast, it’s little wonder that fishing is among the state’s favorite pastimes. Many people also eat what they catch, and both freshwater and saltwater fish can be healthy alternatives to other types of meat.

Certain types of fish are better for sport than for eating, however, and how you prepare the fish can make as much difference as which type of fish you choose. Furthermore, it’s important to be aware of contaminants in the water and other issues that can affect the safety of the fish or threaten the health of people with certain medical conditions.

We’ve shared some links below that can help you make safer, healthier, and tastier choices before putting a line in the water.


Alabama Public Health Fish Advisories:

FishWatch U.S. Seafood Facts:

Outdoor Alabama:

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