UAB Medicine

Magnet Nursing

On a UAB Hospital nurse’s badge there’s a small, gold, shield-shaped pin. It’s inconspicuous. You might not ever notice it. Yet, for such a small emblem, it’s a really big deal. The shield is a Magnet pin. And it means he or she is part of a nursing staff that has earned recognition for being truly excellent by the most respected institution in the nursing profession – the American Nurses Credentailing Center (ANCC).

Part of the American Nurses Association, the ANCC created the Magnet Recognition Program® to recognize nursing staffs for their leadership, how they empower their nurses, the excellence of their care and how they innovate.

Fewer than 2% of the world’s hospitals have earned the honor. UAB nurses wear the pin.  Learn more about how our nurses have EARNED Magnet recognition three consecutive times.

Alabama's First Magnet Hospital

UAB Hospital first achieved Magnet Status in 2002 and was recertified first in 2006 and again in 2011. We are proud to be the first Magnet Hospital in Alabama and today, still just one of two in our state. We focus our efforts on ensuring the hallmarks of Magnet excellence are met throughout our organization.

What Magnet Means to UAB Nurses
At UAB, we have defined Magnet Nursing with the following proclamation:

  • Every nurse knows that nursing is a caring profession and that there are varying degrees of caring. The caring that nurses provide is an intrinsic motivation that guides their compassion, diligence, and affinity to provide outstanding “knock your socks off” nursing care.
  • The differentiating factors between a “nurse” and a “Magnet Nurse” are the forces that stand behind them, so being a UAB Magnet Nurse places you among the elite.
  • The brand of UAB Nursing is your responsibility and you must demonstrate your excellence to your patients, families, and peers continually. This responsibility charges you to uphold a higher standard of care and to expect more from your nursing peers, your nursing administration and yourself
  • Being a UAB Magnet Nurse means that you are on a continuous journey that pursues excellence at every opportunity.