UAB Medicine

Center for Nursing Excellence

The UAB Center for Nursing Excellence has eight main objectives to support and promote nursing services at UAB Hospital and throughout our state, region and beyond. Additionally, the Center for Nursing Excellence oversees all Evidence-Based Nursing Practice and Research as well as the Nursing Practice Congress .

  • Provide an infrastructure for enhanced quality outcomes in evidence-based nursing practice, research, education and other innovative initiatives and partnerships.
  • Support collaborative educational and research efforts that improve patient care services, educate future leaders in nursing and further develop excellence in the workforce.
  • Promote professional development among nurses, nursing students and advanced practice nurses that enhances leadership, career and professional development opportunities.
  • Support collaborative efforts that bridge nursing practice and nursing education by developing a formal partnership consortium that links academic and practice setting nurse leaders.
  • Influence practice policy development, implementation and evaluation through promotion of data-driven decision making.
  • Provide a structure for nursing recruitment, retention, career coaching, education and professional development activities that promotes a seamless pipeline for workforce succession planning at all levels of the organization.
  • Develop a structure for nursing student recruitment and retention through partnerships with educational settings across the state and region.
  • Serve as a structure link between the UAB nursing community and other education and service departments throughout the UAB Health System, local and state communities and beyond in order to promote collaborative efforts such as consultation, program offerings, leadership development opportunities and other service-related partnerships.