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UAB Pharmacy Careers

The UAB Department of Pharmacy consists of an extensive inpatient practice, ambulatory care, education and development, therapeutic policy management, and informatics areas. Each division is specialized and sub-specialized serving the needs of our diverse patient populations. Working together to support pharmacy operations, approximately 150 pharmacists and 115 technicians provide high-quality patient care through teamwork and clinical expertise. With the wide variety of practice opportunities, pharmacists have many unique career options available to them at UAB.

Inpatient Practice

Inpatient Practice at UAB is comprised of multiple decentral satellites located throughout the hospital in close proximity to patient-care units, as well as a state-of-the-art, USP 797 compliant central pharmacy.

Therapeutic Policy Management

The Division of Therapeutic Policy Management consists of the Drug Information Service and the Investigation Drug Research Service.

Ambulatory Care

The ambulatory patients at UAB Health System are served by five outpatient pharmacies providing traditional dispensing services and patient education related to filling 900 prescriptions daily.

Specialty Pharmacy

UAB Specialty Pharmacy provides a unique opportunity to work closely with patients, nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals. This is a specialized pharmacy providing home-based quality care to patients.

Education and Development

Education and Development pharmacists and technicians serve the entire department with both initial and continual training and support involving a variety of topics.

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