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UAB Hospital | Birmingham, AL

uab hospital
UAB Hospital is the centerpiece of the UAB Health System. It is located in the medical district of Birmingham on the University of Alabama at Birmingham campus. Situated among major research centers and clinics, UAB Hospital, a 1046 bed facility, provides patients with a complete range of primary and specialty care services, as well as the most up-to-date treatments and innovations in health care. UAB Hospital is a major center for clinical research and the home of some of the top medical programs in America. UAB Hospital’s faculty and staff are committed to providing world-class care for patients throughout Alabama and the world. 

UAB Hospital is committed to providing a continuum of health services of the highest quality. The resources of the hospital and expertise of the staff are expected to set a national standard for health care delivery. These commitments recognize our primary responsibility to the citizens of Alabama and support the overall mission of The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

  • UAB Heart and Vascular Center
  • Trauma & Burn Center
  • UAB Hospital Blood Donation Center
  • Russell Ambulatory Clinic
  • Women and Infants Center
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic
  • Prenatal Genetics Clinic
  • Fetal Diagnosis and Care Center
  • First Trimester Screening Clinic
  • UAB Highlands
  • Spain Rehabilitation Center
  • Center forPsychiatric Medicine
  • Emergency Department

Starting May 9th: UAB Hospital Food Court Changes