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Infertility Treatment

UAB’s Infertility Program is the most comprehensive program in Alabama. We realize the physical, emotional and financial stresses associated with infertility treatment. To that end, one of the foundations of our care is relationships. We are deeply connected with the people we help. This warm, caring environment enables us to achieve excellent results and satisfied couples.

Our physicians  have years of experience diagnosing and treating the many conditions that  cause infertility . All of our couples receive highly individualized, personal care delivered in a compassionate environment. Our entire staff makes sure that each one of our patients know that their fertility program is unique and customized to their exact needs.

Consulting a   reproductive endocrinologist  early in your treatment is less expensive and results in higher success rates. We conduct a thorough fertility workup of both partners to identify all factors that could contribute to your infertility. Many times first level treatments, such as  intrauterine insemination  , are successful. Higher-level treatments, like   In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)    is necessary in only approximately 10-15% of cases.

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We invite you to learn more about the Infertility Program at UAB by reading more about the various services offered by UAB to treat infertility.

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To make an appointment, call UAB HeathFinder at 205.934-9999 or toll-free 800.822.8816. To reach the clinic directly, call 205.996.3130.

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