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Breastfeeding and Lactation Support Overview

UAB Women and Infants services encourages new moms to provide breast milk for their newborns. Our lactation consultants can meet with you before and after the birth of your new baby to provide any support you may need to successfully begin breastfeeding as soon as possible.

Breastfeeding is a continuation of the reproductive cycle, providing support for early child development and resolution of pregnancy-based physiological changes. Breastfeeding is nature's way for mothers to get to know their newborns. Each mother’s breast milk is perfectly matched to her baby’s needs. The contents of your milk will change over time to provide your baby with necessary nutrients as he or she grows. Mother’s milk is more than food for your baby; it can actually work like a medicine to protect your baby.

Our lactation consultants host ongoing classes where expectant moms (and dads!) can learn more about breastfeeding, its benefits and what to expect.  Register now »  

After your baby is born, a lactation consultant is available to help you successfully place your baby to breast. Our  consultants are all internationally Board Certified. The consultants will provide guidance on how to care for yourself and manage your baby's feedings in a safe, effective, and comfortable manner. Consultants also will provide you with hands on assistance and provide you with resources to address your individualized needs. An outpatient consultation center is located on the sixth floor of the  UAB Women and Infants Center  so you have access to a lactation consultant even after discharge from the hospital and as long as you are providing breast milk for your baby. They encourage mothers to call with any questions or concerns regarding providing breast milk for their baby. If you and your baby need to be seen, you will be asked to come to the lactation center for assistance and will receive a free consultation to address any issues.

Please ask your nurse to contact a lactation consultant on your behalf, or call 205-975-8334 from your room.