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Pancreatic Disorders - Innovations

Studies have been published by UAB physicians on how to treat pancreatitis when the cause of it is unknown.
A substance in a common spice in Indian food may help treat pancreatic, the deadliest cancer. Curry contains a substance that may stall the growth of pancreatic cancer cells, a UAB researcher discovered.
The inventor of the endoscope, which revolutionized GI diagnosis, Basil Hirschowitz founded the UAB division. His contribution changed the field and he has received the highest honors from all of the national and international GI societies. 
We continue to add discoveries to the field with our Interventional Endoscopy Group, especially in the realm of endoscopic ultrasound. Numerous publications have shared our findings. The Medicine and Director of Endoscopic Ultrasound Program, received the prestigious national REGAL (Research Excellence in GI and Liver Disease) Award for his research on ultrasound guided biopsy.
Hirschowitz also studied and made contributions to the field of gastric acid secretion and ulcer disease.
We have been following a group of patients for more than 20 years with gastric acid hypersecretory disorders to study the causes and effective treatments for this condition.