UAB Medicine

Alzheimer's Disease at UAB

The UAB Memory Disorders Clinic is the only university-based memory specialty clinic in the state, provides the most cutting-edge patient care, and conducts important memory disorders research. The Clinic is staffed by a team of neurologists who are specialty trained in evaluating memory disorders, recognizing their causes, prescribing appropriate treatments, and participating in research studies to better understand the causes of and best treatments for memory problems.

The Clinic is also staffed by our excellent nursing team, which includes a nurse practitioner who coordinates patient care in collaboration with our physicians. All the members of our UAB memory team work closely together to ensure that our patients—and their families—experience is seamless and comfortable. Our knowledgeable nursing staff is available to answer questions and provide support to patients and their families in person and over the phone.

Does the UAB Memory Disorders Clinic offer clinical trials?
The UAB Memory Disorders Clinic routinely conducts clinical trials to further the knowledge of the causes of and treatments for memory disorders. Patient enrollment opportunities vary depending on patient diagnosis and memory problem severity. If UAB does not have an appropriate clinical trial for the patient, we do our best to find an academic medical center in the region that does.