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Vascular Disease Overview

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At UAB Medicine, vascular specialists provide expert treatment of multiple circulatory conditions using a broad range of services including medical therapy, endovascular therapy, and surgical reconstruction.

The most common vascular disorders among adults are  atherosclerosis , commonly known as hardening of the arteries,  aneurysms , and circulatory conditions related to aging.

The vascular experts at UAB work with each patient to arrive at a specific diagnosis based on medical history, physical exam, and non-invasive testing including ultrasound, Doppler with plethysmography,  CT scans  and MR angiography. After these many modalities are considered, then treatment is directed for the individual patient.

UAB currently has seven vascular specialists on staff including vascular surgeons and vascular medical doctors who treat vascular disease with medical therapy, endovascular repair (such as stents) or open vascular reconstruction.

These physician experts interact with each other using leading-edge facilities and innovative treatments.

Most notably is a vascular-designed operating room for conducting hybrid repairs that consist of a mix between endovascular and open reconstruction. Hybrid repairs in this specialized operating room can combine both open and endovascular repair in a single setting to maximize the benefits of both modalities. Additionally, we have a Vascular OR Team that works consistently with our Vascular Surgeons to provide the expertise in Vascular Care. 

When you choose UAB for care of your vascular condition, you gain instant access to physicians who are leaders in the field of the most complex vascular conditions and practice medicine with the latest in cutting-edge treatment options.

Vein Program and Vein Clinic
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Get Help
If you think you may have or be at risk for vascular disease, talk to your physician about your symptoms and ask if a referral to UAB Heart and Vascular Services may be right for you. Referrals may be made by calling MIST at 1.800.UAB.MIST (1.800.822.6478)

Patients can get more information, by calling UAB Healthfinder at 1.800.UAB.8816 (1.800.822.8816) or by filling out our   Make an Appointment form »