UAB Medicine

Double Vision - Specialists

Neuro-Ophthamology combines two related fields, neurology and ophthalmology, to focus on problems of the eye, brain, cranial nerves, and ocular muscles. With the brain so occupied with vision, often brain problems can be seen through the eyes, such as stroke, tumors, and trauma. Neuro-Ophthalmologists graduate from medical school and go on to study for another five years. They are board certified in either Neurology, Ophthalmology, or both.
UAB Ophthalmologists are considered the best in the world in many types of surgery. Many of them are listed as top doctors nationwide. Physicians from this division have been briefed by the U.S. Congress, served on the Prevent Blindness America Scientific Committee, and on the editorial board for national journals. They have presented at numerous national and international conferences.
The Low-Vision Clinic is staffed with experts in how to use optic devices to get the most out of vision. Counselors are also available to help people with issues of blindness.
An Electro-optical Engineer is creating custom optics to better view the retina. This engineer hopes to create custom diagnostic devices to diagnose conditions faster and more accurately.
UAB offers the only residency training in state that is a three-year program for Ophthalmologists. For the five slots available, UAB receives more than 300 applications. The program is training future leaders in eye care.