About AMC21

AMC21 is UAB Medicine's strategic plan to become the Preferred Academic Medical Center of the 21st Century. What are distinguishing characteristics of a preferred medical center? It is where patients want to come for care; employees want to work; faculty want to practice and conduct research; students, residents, and fellows want to learn; and donors want to give to a better future. AMC21 has three strategic goals, positioning UAB Medicine to be preferred for:

  • delivering outstanding patient care;
  • developing advancements in scientific discovery and biomedical research; and
  • providing a strong foundation of education and training for professionals.

Our ability to achieve these goals will require an uncompromising focus on quality, satisfaction, financial performance, and the advancement of knowledge, which form the "pillars" of our strategic initiative. These pillars are built on a foundation of innovation to harvest new ideas, fresh approaches, and scientific breakthroughs; alignment and integration to encourage collaboration, communication, and organizational effectiveness; and Reaching for Excellence to align goals, measure outcomes, and create a system of accountability.

The AMC21 Strategic Blueprint illustrates how each of these components fit together-each an integral part of our strategic road map. Another integral part of the strategic road map is you. By implementing AMC21, you will be challenged to:

  • Reach across to remove barriers, enhancing communication and integration.
  • Reach up to improve care through innovation.
  • Reach beyond to create hope through research and education.
  • Reach out to forge new partnerships and affiliations and expand our research base.

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