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Taub Therapy - Clinic Overview

Taub Therapy Clinic is located at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital.  Browse through the links to learn more about Taub Therapy Clinic and some of the patients who have gotten their lives back.

If you or someone you love has suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury and is looking to regain independence, learn how to apply for treatment at Taub Therapy Clinic  , or call our toll-free number: 866-554-TAUB.

Providing The Most Effective Stroke Therapy In The World
CI therapy, empowers people to improve the use of their limbs, no matter how long ago their stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurred. As one of the most effective stroke rehabilitation programs in the world, a large majority of those who have completed the program, regain significant movement. Through the one-on-one encouragement of a therapist, patients can relearn to use their affected limb by restricting the use of the unaffected one. By causing neurons to "rewire" themselves, CI therapy not only changes the brain, it changes lives.

"Taub Therapy gives patients hope that they can recapture the life they had before suffering a stroke or TBI."

Edward Taub, Ph.D., Director of Taub Therapy Clinic